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Friday, 10 June 2011

eggcellent result...

Hey! Remember my post with the chorizo and chickpea stew? Well, guess what... emboldened by my two short weeks of food blogging I entered a competition and WON! I was very chuffed with myself because, as a person who rarely puts themselves forward, I was thrilled when the lovely Olive from the The Home Barn site said I won a 50 euro voucher for her on-line household emporium - Yay!

I didn't realise I needed all the things from this shop until I saw them...and the most important thing I apparently needed was a set of 4 matching egg cups.

Egg cups I hear you cry! Yes indeed! I needed a set of four as baby daughter Lily P has mastered the art of bringing more egg to her mouth than shell, a grown-up skill indeed. Mismatched egg cups cannot be tolerated anymore as they will cause 'egg cup envy' - a terrible condition that young children are prone to.  The egg-cellent Olive sent my purchases (of which there were a good many more - more about those later!) out promptly in the post and I received them the very next day. As you can see - my old eggcup is making eyes at my new ones!

They're very pretty and I love them very much - it can't wrong to love egg cups - especially when they're free!

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