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Thursday, 16 June 2011

love handles...

My back kitchen comes from Ikea (Yes! I know - two kitchens! I did say at the outset that I loved to cook!). There's nothing wrong with it. It has presses that open, work surfaces that you can work on and storage for all the gimcracks and gee-gaws that I have collected in my years of domesticity.  It also complements the creamy tones of the Aga, which it was built around, and is perfectly in keeping with the 150 year old farmhouse it lives in.

But it's from Ikea and for it to be acceptable in the sight of it's two (designer) inhabitants, some customization was required. So here are the handles that I scoured Galway and it's surrounds for. They're from a variety of different shops (including a couple from Anthropologie in London) and I love them very much! They're the kind of thing that makes this kitchen 'my kitchen'...

So that's one more little decision made.  Work continues on the rest of the house and that second kitchen needs tackling, but one day soon everything will be done and we can all sit down in it and have a nice cup of tea. I can't wait for that day to come.

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