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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

cheese and tomato tart

My third tart in a row and this one is savory for a change - it's from my friend Mona's book, The Chef and I.  You can find Mona over on her blog Wise Words.

Mona said "This tart is as simple as rolling out a bit of pastry, ladling in a goodly amount of Dijon mustard onto the pastry, filling it to the brim with a selection of grated hard cheeses and topping it all with some beautiful sliced tomatoes. Bake at 180ºC for 30 minutes, then eat."

It is one of those 'so simple but so good' recipes. You can read all about her book for yourself over on Nessa's blog Nessas Family Kitchen. I will say it is possibly the best and finest book ever written in the world ever. I won't go on about it as I am totally biased.

P.S. I tried it with mushrooms - it's not as nice.


  1. The Chef sez there is always one in the crowd trying to 'one up ya' and he would have told you it was not as good with the mushrooms. Thanks for the mentions darlin' .... And Nessa did a lovely job on the review too, didn't she?

  2. This tart look so nice. Lola and Finn would love this (and me too, being crazy about cheese and tomato!) Wonderful!

  3. Looks de-lish! Heading over to both other blogs now to check them out :-)


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